Feb. 15th, 2016

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When I was in college I took a genetics class to fulfill my required science credits. Silly me decided that Biology 101 would be too boring. I didn't terribly in the class but it was certainly designed for science majors and not a Psychology major who was taking it "just because...".

Aside from making me a little paranoid that one day my genes could switch on something and my body decides "Hey, you're allergic to sun now, have fun." What I took away from that class was the thought that if I was going have children, I wanted to have my first child before the age of thirty.

As of today I am 21 weeks pregnant and in 15 days I will be 30-years-old. Close enough!

I'm actually very happy that I am having my first child now and not earlier. To be completely honest, it was not till about a month or so before we found out that I had conceived did I have this feeling that I am truly ready to no longer be selfish. I felt that I was mentally and emotionally in a place where I can-with the help of my husband-take care of another human being. To me, this feeling was very important. Yes, I still have my doubts about this life altering step. I am not saying that I have an abundance of over confidence that I will be the best mom ever. This will be a challenge. This will be possibly the biggest challenge that we will face. I feel that I am ready for all the frustrating, exhausting, thrilling, terrifying, funny, mind blowing moments that parenthood will bring. If it's not challenging, it's not worthwhile in the end. It's what I tell my husband constantly when he gets frustrated with a video game where he's dying over and over and over again.

I'm sure I'll be telling that exact same thing to myself many more times over the next 18 years.


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