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Today is 29 days till my EDD. Baby could come before or baby could come after. Not too far after though. Back in April I was diagnosed with Gestational DM. I had really hoped to avoid it but from my readings, it seems that sometimes it happens even if you take precautions. So, I am one of those lucky ones.

With GD, the perinatal office has stated that they don’t normally allow the mother to go more than two days over her due date and potentially, I could be induced. I would probably still put up a fight as to WHY it’s would be necessary to induce me because I believe that a person needs to be an advocate for themselves or have an advocate when it comes to doctors and medicines. I know that doctors have medical knowledge I do not but I also have knowledge they do not. I know my body more than they do and I have a right to question them.

I really would rather not be induced. I really would like the labor process to being on its own. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea that induction can fail and then I would be required to have a C-section. I want to experience labor and delivery naturally. I will accept medical intervention if it’s needed but if it’s not medically necessary, I don’t see the need. I see it more as doctors taking an opportunity. The medical profession is a business, birth is a business. Every procedure and test I agree to have is more money for them. I don’t know exactly how much my insurance is paying them-I don’t have to pay out of pocket-but I’m sure it’s substantial.

Since my last ultra sound a week ago, the doctor estimates my baby is in the 85% for weight. He said she is estimated to being close to 6 pounds. She’s not too big but apparently on the bigger end. They aren’t saying for sure right now that I will have to be induced or just have a C-section. As long as I can keep my sugars under control, it shouldn’t make her grow massively. Still even if that works out and she isn’t a massive baby that they would be afraid to let me give birth vaginally; there is still the still the risk that they will decide I need to be induced, the induction fails and I have to have a C-section.

I really hope baby decides to come on her own.


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