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Yesterday I watched the new trailer for the third Captain America movie and now that I’ve slept and had time to process it, I have thoughts.

Firstly I am so excited for this movie. When the first Captain America movie came out, I was feeling really underwhelmed about it but the movie had heart and I did not expect that. I was caught off guard by the feels and the second movie for the Captain America line blew my mind. I had no idea that I wanted to see a Super Hero political thriller but I did and thank you, Russo Brothers, for giving us that. I have faith in them as directors to make this third movie really enjoyable.

With that said, I’m clearly Team Cap. And I read the Civil War comic. I know there are good points on either side though it really irked me that Iron man’s group did some things that were so very much in the realm of human rights violations and close to what I would look at as fascism.

I know they can’t/aren’t going to do exactly the plot of Civil War. The directors and creative team have said as much. And as many people have pointed out before: there just aren’t enough super heroes established in the Mavel movieverse to do the epic war scenario that the comic was based around. Also the big conflict between Tony and Steve was the idea of revealing the identities of superheroes so they are monitored by the government. The MCU doesn’t seem to care much about secret identities. Everyone knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, Black Widow dumped all her info on the internet and Steve Rogers had a museum exhibit about his life. So, there’s no secret identities to be protected. Other than maybe Spiderman’s because that’s always been his hang up.

Overall, it really just seems to be a simpler version of “Government oversight”
What bothers me about this idea is their examples of why they need government oversight: 1.) The alien attack on New York in Avengers, 2.) Hydra/Shield trying to commit mass murder and the destruction of a government facility, 3.) The attack of a foreign country by an AI. Hopefully the movie gives more reasoning then that because it really looks like they’re saying superheroes need oversight for incidents that had government involvement. They were already overseeing the superheroes during Avengers and Captain pretty much worked for the government in The Winter Soldier and then in Avengers 2 was a problem started by Tony Stark.

A part of me thinks it’s almost brilliant in a way though and a social commentary on the director’s part. I can totally imagine the government making a move like this and not even bother to accept any responsibility for their own part in it and Tony Stark is rich and influential. He would never need to face consequences. I’ve watched enough “rich person gets away with murder” on the Murder channel (ID Investigation) to know that’s how things go. The rich have privilege that the common do not.

Really, I’m hoping the whole government oversight conflict and cap vs. iron man thing doesn’t outweigh what I really am interested in. I want to see conflict based around Bucky. I want the feels of that. The captain America movies have something that other super hero movies do not. They have a heart. They have been about the characters and not the action and that’s what I want. I want a movie that is based around the characters. Actions are nice but characterization with some action sprinkles would make me happy.

Like I said earlier, I have faith in the Russo brothers and I am still super excited for this movie.

Though I do have one major complaint: Spiderman’s outfit. What the heck? It looks like they ran out of budget and he was added in last minute. His coloring is so off compared to the rest of the trailer and he looks so animated compared to the other characters. I could say a lot about CGI but that would just add another couple pages to this rant. I just hope that Spiderman in the trailer is not the finished product.


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